October 22, 2012

Media Monday: ReBirth of a Bikesexual Nation

Back in September we learned about how a new bikesexual advocate started the process of cycling became less painful and more pleasureful especially to one woman's yoni.


This time we go from the personal experience of how one person's crotch came to better know her saddle, to the shared experience of actually watching pornography together in a dark room with other consenting adults:
When I first saw Bike Smut 6: Turning TriXXX in late June, I swooned. It was my second time watching porn in public, in a theater full of people, and I was thrilled. Titillated. Energized. Inspired. I've already told you about 2012 being the summer I discovered my bikesexuality. Seeing Bike Smut as part of Portland's legendary three-week-long Pedalpaloopza extravaganza was most certainly a catalyzing element in my blossoming bikelove.

Read the entire bit of bike love here! She is talented and aware so peruse the other musings from Marissa Black here!

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