October 2, 2012

Coming out as a 'Bike-Sexual'

Telling your friends and family about your bike-sexuality can be a big step for anyone to take. It may sound easy to just say 'I love bikes', but bike-sexuality is not that simple. It has many facets, and not everyone (especially non-cyclists) will understand. Giving up your car, or attending group bike rides to pick up new mates, or showing up at family gatherings with a bike rather than a new partner can seem strange to your loved ones who do not understand the wonders of bike-sexuality. So, this National Coming Out Day, Bike Smut thought it would be a good idea to look into the different types of bike-sexuality and good ways to tell your loved ones about your life choices.

First, lets go over the different types of bike-sexuality: (and remember, you can identify as one or more of the definitions below, and feel free to send us your own definition of bike-sexuality!)
The Pee-wee Herman (or Bike-nogamist):  One who is exclusively interesting in a relationship with their own bike and not other bikes or people.
The SpokesSlut: One who is interested in sexually engaging with lots of people regardless of gender or sexual orientation, but only if they use a bike as their primary form of transportation.
The 'as long as it rolls' thrill-seeker: One who is interested in getting into as many interesting and challenging saddles as possible.  Enjoys building and riding freak bikes, and most other peoples bikes.
The Conversion: One who takes up cycling only because the person they are interested in is already a bike-sexual
The Pedalphile: One who is only interested in riding kids bikes (Watch this movie from last year's Bike Smut 5: Speed program)
The Tandem: A monogamous partnership found through cycling, that continues to cycle together almost exclusively. 

After coming out to yourself as a bike-sexual, the next step can be quite difficult: Sharing your bike-sexuality with your loved ones and friends. One of the overriding fears of coming out is the fear of rejection from those we love, especially those who do not ride bikes. You may wonder if your family or friends will stop loving you and not respect your choice by pressuring you to get a car.  They may discredit your choice by saying this 'bike thing' is just a phase, or they might tell you it's dangerous or crazy. Remember to stay strong. Coming out as a bike-sexual is important because you are helping others see that transportation diversity is important and that there are other ways to get around and other ways to love. At Bike Smut, we think one of the best first steps, is to invite your loved ones on a ride.

Not sure if you're a bike-sexual? Just bike-curious? Or maybe you want to celebrate your bike-sexuality openly with others who share your preference. Well, if you live in Toronto, you are in luck!

Bike Smut 6: Turning Trixxx
Thursday, October 11th
behind 126 Spandina Ave
plus a very special performance from local burlesque starlet, CoCo La Creme!
This show has been made possible thanks to lots of help from Toronto's local sex-positive sex shop and hosts of the annual Feminist Porn Awards, Good for Her!  We have limited tickets available so make sure to get them from Good for Her in advance!

We hope our advice for coming out as a bike-sexual has been helpful and informative, and don't forget: FUCK BIKES!

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