October 21, 2012

This weekend is Internal-National Fisting Day

This is your annual opportunity to get your legs around some one/thing gentle, powerful and loving!

some are more open to public and pubic display than others

You may not have even known that we have an International Fisting Day. Its understandable, this is only the second year we have been able to observe this handy holiday. But your ignorance is more than understandable, its expected. If you make a porn with fisting you wont be able to find a distributor who will sell your DVD.  It all goes back to an obscure list of codes from decades ago, most of which is ignored with a few notable exceptions:

We NEED to see this activity, not only to support gay, bi & queer sexualities and the acts therein but also to show heterosexuals that it is an amazingly intimate, fun and ok act! We can watch two or more dicks in a pussy plus a plug in the ass and another dick in the mouth but we cant watch a hand in the bush?
 At fistingday.tumblr.com you can see and learn more about this depraved act of slow, gentle loving that is routinely censored

from your porn by distributors who claim they could be subject to fines associated with obscenity laws, even while they proudly promote movies depicting most if not all the non-fisting taboos from the list above. Yeesh!

Moreover, the political season is at a fervor. Even back in March when 65 thousand people descended on the Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin!

We applaud these well lubricated pioneers, spread them cheeks and raise your fist in tribute today!

This link will provide a brief history of our connections to Madison,

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