October 22, 2012

A bike of the 'Big Apple'

What's there to say about it? Songs have been written, movies made, poems composed. There is absolutely nothing that can be said or done about this city that hasn't already. It's full of taxis, rude people and an array of other cliches. The rents are astronomical, the roads atrocious, but apparently there is some magical pixie dust that makes it all wonderful and amazing, making sure everyone is full of nostalgia and romance for the place.... including us.

Illustration by Kurt McRobert

Great shows and fun (even if a little scary) bike times keep bringing us back. And with thousands of sexy people on bikes pumping their legs over the Williamsburg bridge everyday, how could we resist bringing the people of one of America's greatest cities great porn.  And while we may have been to NYC before, we still have an entirely brand new collection of movies that have never ever ever screened in the 'city that never sleeps' before

Join us:

Thursday, October 25th
Goodbye Blue Monday
1087 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY
$5-10 donation

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